Ostaga Music's Story

What is Ostaga?

The communal aspect of music is a universal part of humanity. This common thread links each person with human history. In the Finger Lakes, that history begins with our Native American communities. From the Cayuga tribe, the word “Ostaga” most closely translates to “the sound of rain.” The musical nature of the rhythm of rain represents the main focus of Ostaga Music, as well as the idea that rain helps establish roots and to make things grow, just like Ostaga Music aims to grow the musical community of the Finger Lakes.

Why choose Ostaga?
Each purchase at Ostaga supports musicians, music programs, and music students directly. That’s because a portion of profits is allocated for Finger Lakes Independent Music Association to support their programs and events. Another portion of profits is helps a a scholarship fund at Gonzo Music School for underprivileged youth. Your purchase also supports a small independent American business. That’s because we source most of our products from designers, builders, and manufacturers that are based in the USA.

Where is Ostaga?
We’re in our infancy and months away from an official “brick and mortar” location. For now we want to focus every and resources to developing the right catalog of products to help us reach our mission. All products will be available directly from our online store (coming soon). Additionally you can make an appointment to see some products in person, if you’re in the greater Geneva, NY area.

Who is Ostaga?
Ostaga Music was founded by composer, guitarist, and teacher Michael George Gonzalez. In 2014, the Finger Lakes native returned to his roots in Geneva, NY to be near family. Since then, he has founded Gonzo Music School and FLiMA (Finger Lakes Independent Music Association) with the goal of spreading music throughout the community. His latest music endeavor, Ostaga Music, compliments the work he has been doing by providing access to products and services to support local musicians. Learn more about Michael George on his website stargroove.com.